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Brigade El Dorado-overview

Bangalore apartments for sale are available in Brigade El Dorado, a 50-acre integrated community, for less than ₹40 Lakhs. By owning a home here, you get the chance to #StrikeGold. The intricately constructed flats provide a unique investment opportunity with a high return on investment possibilities. This residential complex in Bangalore's Aerospace Park is ideal for living and investing since it is luxurious, well-designed, and brimming with amenities. Apartments at Brigade El Dorado are close to the airport and the developer guarantees elegance and wonderful community living with several conveniences. So, decide to invest in your ideal home today by scheduling a visit.

Brigade El Dorado-Amenities

Brigade El Dorado Amenities - Swimming Pools
Swimming Pools
Brigade El Dorado Amenities - Kid's Play Area
Kid's Play Area
Brigade El Dorado Amenities - Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose Hall
Brigade El Dorado Amenities - AGym
Brigade El Dorado Amenities - Open-Air Amphitheatre
Open-Air Amphitheatre
Brigade El Dorado Amenities - Football Field
Football Field
Brigade El Dorado Amenities - CCricket ground
Cricket ground
Brigade El Dorado Amenities - Community Gardening
Community Gardening

Brigade El Dorado-Pricing details

Inventoriesr Size (sq. ft.) Prices (₹)
1 BHK 536 (sq.ft)
₹45 Lakhs*
2 BHK Jodi 1072 (sq.ft)
₹95 Lakhs*
3 BHK + 2T 971 - 1382 (sq.ft)
On Request*
Inventoriesr Size (sq. ft.) Prices (₹)
2 BHK On Request
₹34.9 Lakhs*
3 BHK On Request
₹44.9 Lakhs*
Inventoriesr Size (sq. ft.) Prices (₹)
2 BHK On Request
₹34.9 Lakhs*
3 BHK On Request
₹44.9 Lakhs*
Inventoriesr Size (sq. ft.) Prices (₹)
2 BHK On Request
₹34.9 Lakhs*
3 BHK On Request
₹44.9 Lakhs*
Inventoriesr Size (sq. ft.) Prices (₹)
2 BHK 974 (sq. ft)
₹55.5 Lakhs*
3 BHK 1382 (sq. ft)
₹80.5 Lakhs*
Inventoriesr Size (sq. ft.) Prices (₹)
1 BHK 521 (sq. ft)
₹30 Lakhs* Onwards
1.5 BHK 690 (sq. ft)
₹37 Lakhs* Onwards
Inventoriesr Size (sq. ft.) Prices (₹)
1 BHK 536 (sq.ft)
₹45 Lakhs*
2 BHK Jodi 1072 (sq.ft)
₹95 Lakhs*
3 BHK + 2T 971 - 1382 (sq.ft)
On Request*

Brigade El Dorado-site & floor plan

Brigade El Dorado - Master Plan
Brigade El Dorado Floor Plan - 1 BHK
Brigade El Dorado Floor Plan - 2 BHK
Brigade El Dorado Floor Plan - 3 BHK
Brigade El Dorado-Location
Shell Research Centre - 3 KMS
Kempegowda International Airport - 11 KMS
Yelahanka - 12 KMS
Thanisandra - 15 KMS
Budigere Cross - 16 KMS
Manyata Tech Park - 17 KMS
Virtual Tour
About Brigade Group

Brigade is a major developer in India, with more than three decades of experience in creating pleasant experiences for all of its stakeholders. With its initiatives in the Residential, Office, Retail, Hospitality, and Education sectors, it has reshaped the city skylines of Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Ahmedabad. Brigade is one of the few developers with a track record of producing Grade A buildings. They are the licensing owners of the World Trade Center in South India, and their commercial premises are home to some of the world's most prestigious companies. Orion Mall, Orion Avenue Mall, and Orion Uptown Mall are among Brigade's retail ventures. In addition, the Group has been socially responsible and has made significant contributions to society.

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An ancient Spanish legend talks about a wealthy city where everything was made from gold. To this day search for El Dorado, the city of fortune, hasn’t ceased. Inspired by this concept of abundance and comfort of living, the prestigious real estate company, the Brigade Group, has launched in the city of Bangalore. Investing in the project has umpteen advantages but buying this property is the way to make the most of this investment.

It is not just the working opportunities that attract people to Bangalore but also the standard of living. Contemporary architecture, pristine greenery and a plethora of amenities are a must if you are looking for a residential enclave in the city. This is why El Dorado by Brigade makes a mark in the real estate industry. Read on to get a closer look into the salient features of the project.

About Brigade Eldorado

Eldorado has been approved by the RERA committee of Karnataka and thus, is very safe to invest in. The possession of the project is due in September 2024 which will be the next year. The society is constructed on an expansive fifty acres of landscape. This particular project has twelve towers with a height of 20-plus floors. It is worth noting that this gated enclave is enclosed in greenery and the central park explores up to ten acres. Brigade Eldorado floor plans are uniquely designed to provide well-lit and ventilated units. The dwellers will observe the great space utilisation of the given carpet area. Let’s look at the array of amenities that make this brigade venture a rarity.

Brigade Eldorado Amenities

Eldorado is designed to cater to the comfort of people. In totality, it has over fifty facilities for the convenience of people which is a very unique set of provisions that only El Dorado residents can pay. It has a ten acres central park which provides ample space for people to spend a relaxing evening. El Dorado offers a host of nature-inspired amenities that adds to the whole experience. It is the place you must stay if you are looking to live a well-balanced life. Some of the many amenities present include the infinity pool, swimming pool, football, golf course, volleyball court, waiting for lounge, skating rink, cafeteria, and cricket pitch. Other than the basic necessities, Brigade El Dorado Bangalore also has ample provisions for and safety of the people as you get a proper CCTV system and twenty-four-hour security personnel.

Brigade Eldorado Location

The most integral factor in the success of a project is the area it belongs to. The price appreciation in future and the present comfort for the residents - both depend on the location. The site for Eldorado is strategically placed such that it is ideal for safety, accessibility and connectivity. Foremost, it is near defence organisations like Air Force and BSF that makes you feel quite safe. Then, of course, is located near a tech park it is a perfect place for working professionals. Lastly, the social amenities in the area are quite striking and everything is just a few steps away.

As mentioned earlier the project is a great investment. Also, note that this is the perfect time to buy a property because the flats are still not ready to move in which would have surged the prices but it wouldn’t be long after you buy the flat that you can settle in. Currently, Brigade El Dorado prices are at their lowest and if you are looking to book your home then you can do so by depositing just 5 per cent as a down payment.

Frequently Asked Question

(Q) Where is the Brigade Eldorado located??
(A) The projects located in the Aerospace Park in North Bangalore.

(Q) How much booking amount do I have to pay for Brigade Eldorado Project?
(A) The booking amount for this project is just 5%

(Q) What is the starting price of the Brigade Eldorado?
(A) The starting price for the residences is ₹30 Lakhs* Onwards

(Q) What is the configuration of the Inventories available in Brigade Eldorado?
(A) The homes come in three configurations: 1BHK, 2BHK & 3BHK.

(Q) What is the area of the units in Brigade Eldorado?
(A) The area of 1BHK flats ranges from 521 sq. ft. to 690 sq. ft. 2BHK is from 938 to 974 and 3BHK is from 971 sq. ft. to 1382 sq. ft.

(Q) How much does the 2BHK cost in Brigade Eldorado?
(A) The cost of 2BHK flats starts at ₹55 Lakhs* Onwards

(Q) How much does the 3BHK cost in Brigade Eldorado?
(A) The cost of 3BHK flats starts at ₹56 Lakhs* Onwards

(Q) What are a few landmarks near Brigade Eldorado?
(A) Some landmarks nearby are the Shell Research Centre, Manyata tech park, International Airport, etc.

(Q)What amenities are provisioned in Brigade El Dorado?
(A) Two swimming pools, a kid's play area, a multipurpose hall, a gym, an open-air amphitheatre, a football field, CCTV, a cricket ground and community gardening are a few among the numerous facilities available.

Disclaimer:The content is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to avail of any service. Prices mentioned are subject to change without notice and properties mentioned are subject to availability. Images for representation purposes only. All Rights Reserved.