Brigade Valencia Floor plan


Brigade Valencia Floor plan

Brigade Valencia is situated at Hosur Road and brings a new world of development taking place by Brigade Group. The owner of the residential enclave brings a new and innovative testament to the developer’s core values of design and construction. The luxurious and elegant apartment is a complex located in the city. The residential complex is sophisticated and has many sizes and configurations available.

The project has spacious one, two, and three-BHK bedroom apartments and has been planned with modern buyers. The units are planned to keep in place the availability of natural light and ventilation through the use of well-placed windows and balconies. The bedroom has units that are best for individuals and young couples to live a life with maximum benefits. The apartment consists of one living, dining, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, and foyer. These are designed carefully.

Detailed explanation of the units:

The apartments are a perfect space for well-lit residential spaces that can encompass huge families with members getting more spaces to get enough spaces for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining, and balcony. The measurements are as follows:

Cluster C- Wing B has units 12-29. The refuge floor is the 19th floor on Wing-B and has unit nos. 12-28.

1 BHK (TYPE 1A) has a balcony that measures 9’6”x 2’9’’, master bedroom is 9’6’’x10’6’’, master toilet is 7’6’’x4’6’’ and kitchen is 10’0”x 5’0”, Foyer is 4’11’’x 5’0’’ and living area is 9’6’’x 12’10’’. Now is the 1BHK (TYPE 1B) which has dimensions as- Foyer is 4’11x 5’0’’, kitchen is 10’0”x 5’0’’, Living/Dining is 9’6”x12’10’’, master toilet is 7’6’’x 4’6’’, master Bedroom is 9’6’’x 10’6’’ and balcony is 9’6’’x 2’9’’.

2BHK (TYPE 01) consist of Foyer that measures: 4’10”X 6’6”, dining is 7’6”x 5’7”, kitchen is 10’2”x 6’6”, living is 10’6”x7’3”, balcony is 10’6”x 2’9”, bedroom is 10’0”x 10’0”, and toilet is 6’6”x 5’11”. 2BHK (TYPE 1B) has a foyer that is 4’10”x 6’6”, dining is 7’6’’x 5’7’’, toilet is 6’6’’ 5’1’’, and living is 10’6’’x7’3’’, balcony is 10’6’’x 2’9”, master bedroom is 10’0”x13’6”, and master toilet is 5’1”x 8’2”. 2BHK (TYPE 02) has a foyer that is 4’5”x 4’0”, master toilet is 5’1”x 8’2”, balcony is 10’6”x 2’9”, living is 10’6”x 7’3”, dining is 10’6”x 8’2’’, kitchen is 7’3”x 6’6”. 2BHK (TYPE 03) has bedroom of 10’0”x 10’0”, balcony is 10’6’’x 2’9’’, toilet is 6’6”x 5’1”, kitchen is 10’1’’x 6’6’’, dining is 7’6’’x 5’7’’, foyer 4’11x 6’66’’, living is 10’6’’x 7’3”, and master bedroom is 10’0”x 13’3”.

3BHK (TYPE 1A) has a toilet that measures 8’2’’x 5’11’’, foyer is 5’3’’x 5’7’’, bedroom is 12’0’’x 12’0”, living is 12’0”x 12’0”, balcony is 12’0’’x 3’0”, dining is 8’1”x 6’1”, kitchen is 10’6”x 8’1”, and master bedroom is 10’0x 13’1”. 3BHK (Type 1B ) has a master toilet of 8’2”x 5’1”, master bedroom is 13’1”x 10’0”, kitchen is 8’1”x 10’6”, dining is 6’1”x 8’1”, foyer is 5’7”x 5’3”, and living is 12’0”x 12’0”. 3BHK (TYPE 1C) has a bedroom of 12’0”x12’0”, toilet is 5’1”x 8’2”, living is 12’0”x 12’0”, foyer is 5’7”x 5’3”, kitchen is 8’1x 10’6”, and balcony is 3’0”x 12’0”. 3 BHK (Type 2A) has a bedroom that is 12’0”x 12’0”, dining is 8’0”x 6’11”, balcony is 12’0x 3’0”, kitchen is 12’8”x 8’1”, and master bedroom is 10’0x 13’11”. 3BHK (TYPE 2B) has a kitchen that is 8’1”x 12’8”, living is 12’0”x 12’0”, foyer is 5’7”x 4’3”, dining is 6’1”x 8’1”, and balcony is 3’0x 12’0.

Brigade Valencia